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Erasmusland International Student Network

Erasmusland is a network of cultural assotiations oriented to all the students but in particular the ones partecipating in exchange programs, not only in the EU but also in Asia, North and South America and Australia. Pointing out this latest clarification is due to the values of these programs. They foster, not only the comprehension of a different culture, but also the capability to create a sense of community among people coming from different countries. All of this while offering a great opportunity to live alone in a foreign country for the first time. This are the principles on which our social mission is built. We aim to promote them in various contexts offering an aid to the student throughout the exchange experience. We also manage to support the arrival and the permanence of the students in the most cohempriensive way. From the research of an appartment to the opening of a bank account and the activation of of a local phone number. Ultimately most of our commitment is oriented on the organization of events, activities and trips that provide an unique experience to the students.

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Erasmusland Card

The main purpose of Erasmusland is to help international students to integrate rapidly in the social network in the city they have chosen as a destination for their study experience. For this reason, the card will be supplied to all international students of the associated universities which will join the project. Finally, the card will give benefits, discounts, useful and innovative services that will make every life and study experience in Italy really unforgettable.

What is it?

The Erasmusland Card is the membership card of Erasmusland Network. With it you get:

- The possibility to attend all our activities, parties, trips, and so on...

- Discounts with the partners of any Erasmusland Section, you can find the complete list of all the partners in Europe.

How to get it?

The Erasmusland Card can be obtained exclusively from your Erasmusland local section. Please contact your local section to get your Card.

Become a section

STEP 1 - Team

First of all, is necessary to find people willing to join this new adventure with enthusiasm and interested in Erasmusland's mission. And if your friends already had an international experience, they can also be involved! (alt: you can also bring them with you!) You can ask for help to the international relations office of your university. They have a list of italian students that joined exchange programs and they can help you to contact them.

STEP 2 - Contact with the University

The job of an Erasmusland branch is easier as soon the relations with the university are good. A good starting point is to plan a weekly meeting with the international students, in order to better understand their interests and needs. The aim is to encourage integration between foreigner students and to improve the quality of their stay in a foreigner country. The international relations office can help you to reach other foreigner students. Establishing a good relationship with them may help you to obtain financial aid for your activities. Moreover, you can also get some space to make your "office".

STEP 3 - Erasmusland principles

To join Erasmusland is fundamental to share their principles and to possess a status compliant with those. You should also have some activities to enable the exchange students to better integrate. It can also be in the form of collaboration with their home university or other higher education institutions. starting your application to join Erasmusland, your should be aware of some things: -The future branch will be invited to work for Erasmusland to an international level and it will have the obligation to do so as settled during the national meeting; -in all the activities and official announcements, you will be always referred to as an Erasmusland branch and you are expected to observe the corporate visual identity -Only a single branch of Erasmusland for each university can be created -to join university unions or organizations is permitted only with the consent of the national board and only if those associations operate with the same purposes and principles of Erasmusland

STEP 4 - Become a Official Erasmusland Section

As soon as you will start your regular activity, it will be a good idea to legally register the team, in order to have a more formal nature. This will ensure you some advantages, making easier for you to obtain funds from the university and to establish official bonds. Once the structure and the organization is solid, you can apply to join Erasmusland international. How to do so? just contact the vice-president of Erasmusland international (nico.donnantuono@erasmusland.org) Be sure that your organisation meets our ammission criteria, fill in the form you can find on the website (at the end of this page) and send it to the vice-president, attaching also your constitutive act and the association statute. We will verify the conformity of both the act and the statute to Erasmusland's one and after a probation period the national meeting will vote for your admittance. If you want to read more about the admission process, refer to the proper section of the internal regulation of Erasmusland international (you can find it at the end of this page) can a branch of Erasmusland assist international students? Erasmusland can be really helpful to make the experience pleasant and easier to the international students. For example, it can be useful to translate the information about study plans, to publish a guide to the university and the city, or also to make an agenda of the cultural activities that might interest them. The Erasmusland branch may also give help and support to italian students willing to join an exchange program (outgoing). For example, linking them to other former Erasmus students that can give them further useful information before departure. Travels, international parties and cultural activities will also be important More experienced Erasmusland branches can give you further help in organizing activities

Work with us

Who are we? "Who is" Erasmusland Bologna? We are mainly a group of friends - some of us know each other since years, others are "newbies" - who dedicate some of their free time (sometimes a bit more;-)) to organize Erasmusland activities. We are almost all students, even if someone of us became older and is finally working while he tries to continue to help the old friends of Erasmusland. Centre of our association are the "Active Members". They take care of several aspects of the Erasmusland life, from the organization of the welcome parties to the cultural events, passing through conversation tandems exchanges, trips, parties, cineforums, immersions in the deep nature. Most important we are all volunteers, that means that we are not paid from what we do..so why? well we love to stay with international and mixed-cultured people so to remember the old times when we were erasmus too (once erasmus, always erasmus).


Why work with Erasmusland?

Erasmusland engages with thousands of mobile, educated, and highly motivated students all around Europe. We can offer your company or organisation access to this unique customer base, branding, visibility and affiliation with our pan-European student organisation and also the opportunity to attract a future workforce of internationally minded young, skilled professionals. Erasmusland offers flexible and customisable partnership agreements that will fit with your company’s aims, culture and practices.

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Erasmusland Account

The Erasmusland account contains all the services you need to manage your Erasmusland card and you can consult them comfortably whenever you want at any time of the day. The Erasmusland Portal offers a navigation and consultation menu of services differentiated according to the city you choose when accessing, if you still have an Erasmusland card contact our nearest office and request it. All the benefit activities shown in the portal are accessible only to the holders of the Erasmusland card.

Which are the services?

    - Events Booking

    - Accommodation

    - Pickup Service

    - Language School

    - Much more...